We’ve made Cubby with security and privacy as a top priority, and are committed to protecting all of your data. Our technology is built with the strongest available security, and our infrastructure is designed so that your data stays within your team – and always in your control.


Your data is stored using the current highest standards of encryption, and is routinely backed up in the event of any provider outages. Whether a technical or human-error issue occurs, we can always go back to find data your team has lost access to.

Team ownership

Content created in Cubby belongs to the team in which it was created. When someone leaves – or is removed from – a team, they immediately lose access to all of the content within that team, even if they’re the creators. This ensures your organization keeps its proprietary data.

AI training

We never use your data to train any AI models – and neither do any of the services we work with. Your data is yours and will not be used unknowingly.

Data retention

Your team’s data stays with us for as long as your team does. Once your team is fully deleted we’ll wait 60 days before fully deleting your data in the event of you reactivating your team.

Third parties

We only send your data to third parties for application purposes. We’ll never sell your data to advertisers or use it for something you didn’t sign up for. When we do send your data to third parties, we make sure to slim it down as much as possible and remove all unnecessary information.

Export & deletion

We’re always available to help you export or delete your data to meet your compliance requirements. Just email us at

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